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The purpose of the 150club is to raise awareness for issues concerning small, short, and petite individuals less than 150 pounds.

150club is a non-profit organization and membership is not restricted. Uniquely we are the most recognized organization for people weighing less than 150 pounds.


Bring people together to unite on issues concerning people weighing less than the average in America while promoting  healthful living and wellness.

Why 150 pounds?

First of all there are many similarities on which people of smaller stature can relate. 150 was also a more popular number than 145 or 155. People less than 150 pounds are not part of the majority at least in the United States. There are very few people less than 100 pounds although these people face similar issues and sometimes to a greater extent. These people can also benefit from membership in the 150 Pound Club. We intend to be the first club of itís kind to promote a variety of issues concerning health and wellness on behalf our members.


The only requirement for attendance at events is that you weigh less than 150 pounds. Anybody that meets the previous criteria regardless of location is welcome as a member. In order to help fund the website there is a $10 membership fee. The fee also prevents curious people from becoming members who do not share our concern for similar health and wellness issues. The membership fee also helps subsidize the cost of our annual business meeting. As a member you will receive a membership card and accessibility to club resources. The club meets annually to elect new officers and discuss business. Annual dues is $10 per person and includes entrance to the annual social gathering. 150 Pound Club (aka 150club) t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats available for sale by emailing 150club@217dance.com


We are facing a future of people getting bigger and bigger. The average weight of a man has increased from 144 lbs average to 178 lbs in the last century. According to a recent theory, all creatures that increase in size eventually become extinct (i.e. dinosaurs). Scientists state that as humans progressively get bigger over time there will be a shortage of resources and people should focus of minimal living to conserve resources. Part of the size increase is a result of a more modern industrial society focusing on good nutrition and medical advancements in prevention of debilitating diseases. Food is more readily available than ever before in history. The theory also states that people being overweight and over nourished is passed onto the next generation through both genetic and social factors. The meaning here is that we have to change in order for future generations to survive.

Issues concerning people less than 150 pounds include, but are not limited to the following:

1.         Injury from car air bags for people under 150 pounds

2.         Blood donation problems for people under a particular weight

3.         Seat belt strap design dangerous for people under 150 pounds

4.         Increased chance of personal attack or assault

5.         Promotion of healthy size and weight maintenance

6.         Comfortable atmosphere where people with similar physique/stature can meet and socialize

7.         Promotion of healthful and socially conscious living

8.         Smaller people are perceived as weaker and promoted less within the workplace

9.         Longevity, obesity studies confirm people weighing less than 150 pounds are 10 times likely to live longer

10.       Store shelves, homes, counters and cabinets are designed for taller people

11.       There are often neglected issues by health care professionals concerning underweight people. Obesity has become such an epidemic problem that underweight people are left to find solutions to their own problems


Underweight people are encouraged to exercise with weights and eat 3 meals a day plus snacks between meals in order to maintain a healthy and safe weight. People underweight are especially susceptible to problems such as injury from accidents. Besides the problem of clothes not fitting properly which seems to be a bigger problem for females as many womenís pants do not come in variable lengths. Underweight males and females are both more susceptible to injury while playing sports.

Gaining Weight

Medical experts feel that a person can be said to be underweight if his/her body weight is 10-20 percent lower than the average weight for their height. On the plus side of being underweight is the fact thin people are less likely to die of heart attacks and strokes than their overweight counterparts. In order to gain weight most people tend to gorge on food that people who are overweight and trying to lose weight, try to avoid. The logic being that doing the opposite to gain will have the opposite effect. This may not help you gain weight, but if you are bingeing on pastries, colas, burgers etc in exclusion to all other food, then you certainly might add a few problems to your list. Such as lackluster hair, unhealthy skin, a lack of energy etc.


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