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Let's focus on some on the many benefits to weighing less than 150 pounds...

Obesity first of all has become worse than both alcohol and tobacco. Many more people have died from obesity related diseases than alcohol and tobacco use combined. Now a younger generation is facing obesity related illness in staggering numbers. Eating disorders also thriving due to the lack of public knowledge concerning proper nutrition, exercise and wellness behaviors.

Our clothes don't fit as tightly.

We have more energy than the average American.

Our doctor doesn't constantly remind us to exercise (although he or she should).

People don't laugh or call us fat (although with an increased number Americans overweight it's more socially acceptable).

People are more comfortable confronting and teaching smaller people.

Better self-esteem (due to positive aspects of weighing less than average).

On the average we consume less resources (although American culture promotes over consumption).

Women experience an increase in job opportunities and better chance at promotion.

Attractive to more potential mates.

Swim and wear less clothing without feeling as self-conscious.

Easier to move while unconscious (while hurt, injured, or in danger)

Less health related problems such as diabetes, poor circulation and heart disease.

Live longer (recent research has revealed that a restricted calorie diet may extend life more than 3 years).

Exercise is somewhat easier for people weighing less.

Don't get as exhausted when walking, running or taking the stairs.


Let's celebrate the above advantages and work toward equality with the average American population.


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