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I know many have had the following experience... even the smallest men's pants fall off or shirts wear like a tent. Should I be relegated to the somewhat humiliating experience of buying boys clothes or expense of custom made clothing. There are big and tall men's stores, but nothing for short and small men. We should not be treated like the grossly obese in having to wear clothes that fit like a tent or being unable to properly wear anything but elastic waist pants. I know a few small men and women who have been left with no other choice, but wearing warm-up and sweat pants or tightly cinching up a belt just to wear a nice pair of dress pants. Some men are even shopping in the boys section. Can you find 26 x 30 (16 slim) in men's pants?

Sizes in most popular brands of clothing are much larger than the same size 15 or 20 years ago. I have measured the waist of my pants and they are always 1-2 inches larger than the size listed on the tag (that's right after washing and drying). Somebody should start a clothing company that makes clothing the actual size listed on the tag (what a novel concept!). While they are at it they could make a line of clothing for women with understandable sizes like inches or centimeters instead of the confusing numbers used for women's clothing now.

There should be some truth in advertising and equal rights laws pertaining to these issues.

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