Small, Short & Petite Support


There are new devices developed to make driving easier and safer for short stature people. Here we will highlight some of these products.

Pedal Extenders are available from www.pedalextenders.com

Adjustable pedals are available in many cars now. The Ford Taurus and Mercury Grand Marquis both offers these electronically adjustable pedals option. These adjustable pedals are great for people who share a car and don't want to mess with uninstalling/re-installing pedal extenders. The Mazda 626 may also have the electrically adjustable pedal option that sets itself depending on the driver selected or senses the person opening the car using the key chain remote.

Power seats also allow a driver to adjust height for a clear view over the steering wheel. Note: drivers should not place themselves too close to the steering wheel as serious injury may occur if an airbag deploys. The general rule is 12-14 inches from chest to steering wheel.

Seat cushions are available from companies like www.walterdrake.com and www.harrietcarter.com

Seat belt extenders lower the height of the shoulder strap so it does not touch the face and neck.

Seat belt clips connect the shoulder strap to the lap belt to lower the height of a shoulder strap.

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