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Here is a list of rules to follow concerning your health.

1 - Always eat (or drink) your breakfast. (ex: yogurt, cereal, fruit, shake with fruit & eat your carbohydrates early)
2 - Never eat lunch unless you are really burning those calories. The 3 meals per day approach worked well when we were doing manual labor jobs (manufacturing or farming) a couple decades ago. For most people the most energy we use may be walking from our car to the building. Have a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack, but remember if you eat lunch with everybody else you will probably not be eating healthy. There is much societal pressure and expense in eating a meal at lunch. Try something completely different I like bargain/discount stores or inline skating in the park.
3 - Keep a copy of the food pyramid on your refrigerator. Also at your desk, office, or car if necessary. Make sure you get at least half the recommended servings of fruit and vegetables.
4 - Use your lunch to run errands, exercise (inline skating!>) or do other things you would normally do after work.
5 - Eat dinner before 6:00 p.m. (can be very effective). If you run errands on your lunch you can come straight home and eat right after work. If going to be off work or home late grab some food at your nearest restaurant.
6 - Park farther from the door and take the stairs.

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