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What and Why

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The website is designed for single guys and gals across central Illinois, who really love to dance!  We call ourselves 'KIDS' which is a modified version of the acronym of "Central Illinois Dancin' Singles" - pronounced 'kids.'  Like 'kids' we love to have fun playing . .. .especially on the dance floor. Please note the website is rarely updated and most new information is posted on the KIDS blog.

Our mission is to make it easy for you to keep aware of dance action for singles by providing information about:

KIDS Newsletter!

A weekly newsletter is provided to our distribution list to facilitate bringing KIDS together to have fun!  The newsletter contains articles about what fun we've had at one event or another and about opportunities to meet and greet one another so we can all expand our list of footloose friends.  In short, you are encouraged to get out and have a good time with others who share your interest in moving to the beat.

If you are a single guy  or gal who really enjoys dancing and would like to form friendships with other single dancers across central Illinois. . . you may want to get on our email distribution list!  This is an informal group and costs nothing to participate. You just need to love to dance, kick up your heels, feel the rhythm. . .

Those who love to dance, dance with lots of different people. Some take lessons to improve their skills; Some are willing to informally demonstrate what they know, or are learning, right on the dance floor. . .or off to the side if you prefer.

How do footloose singles get added to this distribution list? You may have been asked if you'd like to participate. . .and received a link to this site!  And now that you know what it's all about, feel free to ask other singles who love to dance if they'd like to be added to the list. But remember the criteria. . .Love to Dance!

How do you get removed from the list? You may ask to be removed of course!  Or perhaps at some point you meet someone really special. . .and find you no longer want to dance with anyone else. That would be a good time to transition to another list. . .of couples who love to dance. We can help you get on that list so you stay plugged in to dancing events and know which will be attended by couples who have formed friendships. . .but who dance predominantly with their partner.

Of course some couples enjoy, and are comfortable, dancing with many different dancers. In that case, we're more than happy to keep you on the KIDS list!

The list is currently maintained by RetroRita, one of our local dancamaniacs, who also provides the Newsletter.  You may be added to the contact list by emailing:

Good spots for live music and a little dance action!
Jerry's Grill in Bloomington

Windjammer of  Bloomington
The West
1036 Wylie Drive (near the Factory Outlet)
Bloomington, Il 61704
(from I-74 east, exit 160b to first stop light and turn right--
Wylie; past Wingate Motel, Steak and Shake etc., on the right
Excellent, big, wood floor; reasonably good ventilation; not rowdy.
Wrainbow Ballroom and Dance Studio in Bloomington     (309) 827-6720

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